Soaked laundry crystals(Household Series)
Net: 1000g
Directions: ◎ Small amount (machine wash) 1 spoon for
30 minutes.
◎ Large amount (machine wash) 1.5 spoon ~ 2
spoons 30 minutes.
◎ Small amount (hand wash) 1 spoon soak for
15 to 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

◎ large amount (hand wash) 1.5 spoon ~ 2
spoons soak 15~ 30 minutes, then rinse
with water.
ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) Leaf Oil、Sodium bicarbonate、Sodium Percarbonate、sodium sulfate、Sodium carbonate、Fragrance


save water and electricity time.

Super deodorant, moldy and smelly clothes washed to give off Fragrance.

to remove clothing macula, collar dirt, cola, soy sauce, color pen, sweat scale, old clothes into new clothes.

mild and non-irritating, the best laundry detergent for infants and skin sensitive people.

environmental protection formula, no heavy metals, no phosphorus, no fluorescent agent, easy to decompose.

use of ultra-economical, 10g to 15g can wash a large number of Clothes.

the emulsified cleaning function, even the laundry slot will be super Clean.

easy to use, does not take up space, reduces the accumulation of bottles and cans.


Product specifications :

Applicable clothing:

Indicating washable cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics and colorful clothing, infant clothing, bed sheets, sheets, curtains, tablecloths, pet blankets, towels... etc.

Not applicable to clothing:

(1) Wool and silk fiber products.

(2) Non-washable clothing.

(3) Metal ornaments, metal accessories (such as zippers, buttons, belt buckles) or clothing containing metal dyes.




(1) If this product has black crystals, it is purely normal and does not affect the performance of the product. Please rest assured to use it.

(2) Please seal the bag tightly immediately after use to avoid false agglomeration. (If there is agglomeration, it will not affect the performance of the product)
(3) If you want to wash by hand, please wear rubber gloves to reduce skin irritation.
(4) Do not mix with "chlorine-based bleach". Do not use high temperature water (not exceeding 40°C).
(5) Please place it in a place that is not easy for children to take, so as not to accidentally eat.
(6) Do not swallow. If you accidentally swallow it, please consult a doctor as soon as possible after taking a large amount of milk.
(7) If you accidentally touch your eyes, please rinse with clean water and seek medical attention immediately.

(8) If the dye quality of new colored clothes is unstable, there is still the possibility of fading, please test before using.