Luminous Whitening Series-WHITENING Toner( make-up water)
Net: 180ml
Directions: Patting the face and neck skin after cleaning day and night until fully
ingredients: Water、Propylene Glycol、Trehalose、Phenoxyethanol、Ascorbyl Glucoside、Tranexamic Acid、Sodium Hyaluronate、Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate、Fragrance



Product:WHITENING Toner




Purpose: Promoting skin metabolism, defeating dullness and whitening the face




Luminous Whitening Series 一一 Pigmentation defiance and whitening




Improve skin metabolism, block in-depth and enhance whitening protection

Significantly improve spots, dullness, pigmentation and uneven skin complexion

Build that perfect, exhibit and whitening supple skin




Using dual-effective whitening ingredients, Vitamin C Glucoside and Tranexamic Acid, to directly block pigmentation, enhance skin metabolism, remove waste keratins, and inhibit pigmentation. Break up the clustered melamin for in-depth spots while brightening and whitening the uneven skin complexion of dullness. The highly effective and anti-oxidative function combines the moisturizing ingredient, Hyaluronic acid, which not only increase skin water content but more effectively protect the skin from impact of external environment and results in aging. The product enhances skin vitality and maintains firmness and resilience to shape that luminous skin with suppleness.




Ascorbyl Glucoside  Inhibiting pigmentation, firming the skin with resilience

Speeding up the blemishing of already formed melanin on the skin surface, soothing wrinkles to give the skin with firmness and resilience.




Tranexamic Acid─Inhibiting pigmentation


Effectively inhibiting formation of melanin to improve pigmentation cluster, whitening the skin from inside out with profound effect. 






  1. If you have any of the following symptoms, please stop using it and consult your doctor:

. Red, swollen, irritating or other discomfort during use
. After the use, the above phenomenon occurs after sun exposure
2. Please avoid using skin abnormal parts such as wounds, redness and eczema.