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Fenghua peerless. Charm of essential oils( Essence oil)
Net: 30ml
Directions: Before going out or after bathing, gently wipe around the wrist, neck, ear and other pulse near, and if necessary, use at any time.
ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride、Fragrance

You are the sexiest dress to wear your own aroma

Before the taste: Elan, orange blossom
 In the taste: jasmine, rose
After taste: Reunion Velvet grass, vanilla
The texture of the sweet and rich Yilan tune, full of exotic lead, into the warmth of the mysterious charm of the rose in tune, showing the natural elegance of the vanilla tone, full of fragrance tenderness of the tone, in the gestures, full of modern modern fashion extraordinary charm!
1. If you have allergies after use, please stop using it immediately.
2. Please place in a cool place to avoid deterioration.