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Tianshan snow lotus white beauty water
Net: 250ml
Directions: After morning and evening cleaning, pat on the face and neck skin to absorb so far.
ingredients: Water、Butylene Glycol、Propylene Glycol、Caprylyl Glycol、Ascorbic Acid 、Calendula Officinalis Extract、Carbomer、
Triethanolamine、Phenoxyethanol、Saussurea Involucrata Extract、Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract、Fragrance

Unique functional condensate texture, gently touch, replenishment conditioning, improve dull, uniform color, white, repair, and quickly enhance the skin moisture degree. 

When the skin is extremely dry and water shortage, 


Apply wet make-up cotton to dry areas for


emergency hydration. 


Tianshan snow lotus white beauty water is colorless and alcohol-free, mild and easy to stimulate. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin can also be used.







 1. Do not use alcohol allergies. Please try to avoid skin abnormalities such as wounds, redness and eczema.

2. If you accidentally eat or accidentally touch the nose, please rinse immediately with plenty of water and send the doctor as soon as possible.

3. Please keep out of reach of children and babies. This product is not edible.

4. This product is flammable. Please keep away from fire when using it, and keep the cap tightly closed.